Quality of installation

Quality is our most important value. We strive to offer the best and to exceed expectations, project after project.

Regarding our installation procedures, we are proud to say that all our welders are certified by the International Association of Geosynthetics Installers (IAGI) specification, which consists of all the methods and techniques required to achieve the best results possible. Internationally recognized and adopted as the #1 specification for geosynthetics installation, its goal is to assure that the project be literally fail proof. Each machine calibration, weld and repair is meticulously documented for both your and our reference.


Quality in products

The success of a project not only resides in quality of installation, but in the quality of the materials used. We offer strictly the best products in the industry. All the products we use are systematically tested according to industry specifications to ensure that the materials do exactly what they are meant to do. Just as our installation procedures are heavily documented, so we require our suppliers do the same with the materials they manufacture, thus providing the end user with complete documentation of the history of literally every square inch of the project; from seam test results to roll number test results, to HDPE resin batch!

Quality of service

We guarantee the best overall service satisfaction. We handle all clients and projects in the utmost professional manner. Our staff, equipment, procedures and materials insures smooth handling and certain success of all the projects we undertake.